Kannel: Open Source WAP and SMS gateway  svn-r5285
Connection Struct Reference

Public Types

enum  { yes, no }

Data Fields

volatile sig_atomic_t claimed
long claiming_thread
int fd
enum Connection:: { ... }  connected
long outbufpos
unsigned int output_buffering
long inbufpos
int read_eof
int io_error
void * callback_data
int listening_pollin
int listening_pollout

Detailed Description

Definition at line 106 of file conn.c.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Definition at line 122 of file conn.c.

122 {yes,no} connected;
enum Connection::@56 connected

Field Documentation

◆ callback

conn_callback_t* Connection::callback

Definition at line 142 of file conn.c.

Referenced by conn_register_real(), conn_unregister(), conn_wrap_fd(), and poll_callback().

◆ callback_data

void* Connection::callback_data

◆ callback_data_destroyer

conn_callback_data_destroyer_t* Connection::callback_data_destroyer

Definition at line 144 of file conn.c.

Referenced by conn_destroy(), conn_register_real(), conn_unregister(), and conn_wrap_fd().

◆ claimed

volatile sig_atomic_t Connection::claimed

Definition at line 113 of file conn.c.

Referenced by conn_claim(), conn_wrap_fd(), lock_in(), lock_out(), unlock_in_real(), and unlock_out_real().

◆ claiming_thread

long Connection::claiming_thread

Definition at line 115 of file conn.c.

Referenced by conn_claim(), lock_in(), and lock_out().

◆ connected

◆ fd

◆ inbuf

◆ inbufpos

long Connection::inbufpos

◆ inlock

Mutex* Connection::inlock

Definition at line 111 of file conn.c.

Referenced by conn_destroy(), conn_wrap_fd(), lock_in(), and unlock_in_real().

◆ io_error

int Connection::io_error

◆ listening_pollin

int Connection::listening_pollin

◆ listening_pollout

int Connection::listening_pollout

◆ outbuf

◆ outbufpos

long Connection::outbufpos

Definition at line 126 of file conn.c.

Referenced by conn_wrap_fd(), unlocked_outbuf_len(), and unlocked_write().

◆ outlock

Mutex* Connection::outlock

Definition at line 112 of file conn.c.

Referenced by conn_destroy(), conn_wrap_fd(), lock_out(), and unlock_out_real().

◆ output_buffering

unsigned int Connection::output_buffering

Definition at line 130 of file conn.c.

Referenced by conn_set_output_buffering(), conn_wrap_fd(), and unlocked_try_write().

◆ read_eof

int Connection::read_eof

Definition at line 136 of file conn.c.

Referenced by conn_eof(), conn_register_real(), conn_wait(), conn_wrap_fd(), and unlocked_read().

◆ registered

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