Kannel: Open Source WAP and SMS gateway  svn-r5299
wtls.h File Reference
#include "gw/msg.h"
#include "wap/wap_events.h"
#include "wap/wtls_pdu.h"
#include "wtls_state-decl.h"
#include "wtls_machine-decl.h"

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Data Structures

struct  WTLSMachine


#define STATE_NAME(state)   state,
#define ROW(state, event, condition, action, next_state)
#define ENUM(name)   serv_states name;
#define ADDRTUPLE(name)   WAPAddrTuple *name;
#define INTEGER(name)   int name;
#define OCTSTR(name)   Octstr *name;
#define MACHINE(field)   field
#define PDULIST(name)   List *name;


typedef struct WTLSMachine WTLSMachine
typedef void wtls_dispatch_func_t(Msg *msg)
typedef enum serv_states serv_states


enum  serv_states { ROW, ROW }


void wtls_init (wtls_dispatch_func_t *responder_dispatch)
void wtls_shutdown (void)
void wtls_dispatch_event (WAPEvent *event)
void wtls_dispatch_resp (WAPEvent *event)
WAPEventwtls_unpack_wdp_datagram (Msg *msg)
int wtls_get_address_tuple (long mid, WAPAddrTuple **tuple)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ADDRTUPLE (   name)    WAPAddrTuple *name;

Definition at line 95 of file wtls.h.


#define ENUM (   name)    serv_states name;

Definition at line 94 of file wtls.h.


#define INTEGER (   name)    int name;

Definition at line 96 of file wtls.h.


#define MACHINE (   field)    field

Definition at line 98 of file wtls.h.


#define OCTSTR (   name)    Octstr *name;

Definition at line 97 of file wtls.h.


#define PDULIST (   name)    List *name;

Definition at line 99 of file wtls.h.


#define ROW (   state,

Definition at line 81 of file wtls.h.


#define STATE_NAME (   state)    state,

Definition at line 80 of file wtls.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ serv_states

typedef enum serv_states serv_states

Definition at line 86 of file wtls.h.

◆ wtls_dispatch_func_t

typedef void wtls_dispatch_func_t(Msg *msg)

Definition at line 73 of file wtls.h.

◆ WTLSMachine

typedef struct WTLSMachine WTLSMachine

Definition at line 67 of file wtls.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ serv_states


Definition at line 79 of file wtls.h.

79  {
80 #define STATE_NAME(state) state,
81 #define ROW(state, event, condition, action, next_state)
82 #include "wtls_state-decl.h"
83  serv_states_count
84 };

Function Documentation

◆ wtls_dispatch_event()

void wtls_dispatch_event ( WAPEvent event)

Referenced by main().

◆ wtls_dispatch_resp()

void wtls_dispatch_resp ( WAPEvent event)

Referenced by dispatch_datagram().

◆ wtls_get_address_tuple()

int wtls_get_address_tuple ( long  mid,
WAPAddrTuple **  tuple 

◆ wtls_init()

void wtls_init ( wtls_dispatch_func_t responder_dispatch)

Referenced by main().

◆ wtls_shutdown()

void wtls_shutdown ( void  )

◆ wtls_unpack_wdp_datagram()

WAPEvent* wtls_unpack_wdp_datagram ( Msg msg)

Referenced by main().

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